Services - Basements and Waterproofing

If you’ve experienced water damage, caused by flooding in your basement, you probably don’t want to go through that again. You’ll find that Artic Concrete Contractors, referred to in the Middle Georgia community and beyond, as “basement specialists,” adhere to integrity, professionalism and responsibility. This means our contractors show up on time and complete the work we’ve been contracted to do.
The foundation of your home may crack, crumble or settle over time. Our patented material, TUFF-N-DRI® and our foundation poured walls will ensure reliable waterproofing. 
TUFF-N-DRI® features a time-proven two-part system that helps create and maintain a comfort zone in the basement. It starts with a flexible, polymer-enhanced waterproofing membrane that's spray-applied to seamlessly bridge foundation settling cracks and seal out water penetration. Then a high-quality foundation board is added to protect the membrane and insulate basement walls from energy loss. The foundation board also reduces interior condensation and channels water to your homes drainage system - keeping moisture out and dryness in.
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